International Evangelism

“We have dozens of evangelists in America, but none around the world.” -Baptist Evangelist in the US

“There are no full-time evangelists that I know in the Philippines.” -Baptist Pastor in the Philippines

“To have an evangelist come to our mission field just to reach people with the gospel would be amazing.” -Baptist Missionary to Honduras

Since 2012 God has been calling me to various mission fields around the world. While there are missionaries everywhere, running a church can keep a missionary from being as effective in evangelistic outreach.

It has been eye opening to observe the fruitful harvest in public schools, open air day camps, and medical clinics in other countries. There is a lack of laborers for this harvest. I desire to minister with local church missionaries by engaging and evangelizing their communities and connecting converts to congregations through baptism.


1000 Teens received Christ at General Trias school in the Philippines (7 Weeks of preaching)

Visiting various countries to preach the gospel (the Philippines, Haiti, Malawi, Moldova, Canada and the Bahamas) has yielded tremendous fruit. God has blessed with thousands coming to Christ through various means of outreach.


Hundreds Gathered in Malawi, Africa just to see the “Mzungu” (White man) preach.

I am planning to launch full time internationally in 2018. I have preached revivals, teen camps, children’s camps, teen revivals, teen crusades, public school rallies, medical outreaches, and day camps.


Over 100 Teens responding to the gospel call at teen camp in Moldova

If your ministry would be blessed by an evangelist preaching in your church, if there are opportunities to preach the gospel in your country and public schools, if you need someone to run a children’s or teen’s outreach event, then I would love to visit your mission field and minister with you for Jesus.


A large crowd gathering because the Mzungu stood on a chair to play games and preach.

I am accountable to the board of the Dave Young Evangelistic Association.

I attend Grace Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL.

If you would like to support me financially as I travel there is a donation link at:

I would like to raise just $3,000 monthly support for a small salary, plane tickets, translators, and supplies for the various international outreaches. If you would like to designate a specific one time gift that would be a blessing as well!


Dozens responding to dedicate their life fully to Christ in Moldova.